Combi Oven Repairs

Rational Certified Engineers

We repair commercial electric, natural gas and LPG combi and steam ovens and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:


Reduce repair costs with planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance schedule

Gas & LPG combi ovens

Gas equipment
Dismantle and grease taps, clean burners and venturis, check and adjust gas pressure as necessary, check and adjust gas burner pressures, check condition of thermocouples, check calibration of thermostats, check condition of door seals and carry out soundness tests as necessary. Check for lime scale damage. Check water treatment facilities

Electric combi ovens

Check operation of control panel switches and elements, visual check of internal wiring and connectors, carry out earth continuity and insulation resistance tests. Check for lime scale damage. Check water treatment facilities. Check condition of door seals and carry out soundness tests as necessary

Energy Saving & Tips

Clean every day, the most important clean cycle is at the end of each cooking shift.

If the combi is not cleaned at the end of each day the food residue and debris left will harden and build up, resulting in a build up of hardened dirt.

Door seals require careful cleaning each day. They're built to withstand strong heat and heavy use, but are not indestructible. Seals are designed to keep heat in, but if they are damaged you could loose 50% of your heat through any gaps in the seals.

Door slamming on any piece of kitchen equipment is a common cause of premature breakdown and replacement of door hinges and gasket seals. Staff training can per long the life of your equipment and components and improve staff moral.

Water treatment facilities are essential for a combi oven. A CTU (calcium treatment unit) will remove lime scale protecting your combi from serious damage and preventing component failure keeping your equipment in service.

Switch off equipment when it is not needed. By providing good staff training they should know how long a piece of equipment takes to reach a required temperature.

Check thermostats regularly to ensure efficiency.

Trouble Shooting

Not steaming
Check to see if the holes are blocked
May require descale of steam generators
Could be the humidity control motor
There is power to the combi but it will not power up
Check the control fuse
Check the motor overheat stat in the control panel
Combi cuts off after a short period of time
The overheat safety thermostat is cutting off to prevent the combi catching fire. Make sure you have adequate ventilation and check external cooling fan is working