Hot Cupboard Repairs

We repair all commercial hot cupboards, heated gantries, plate warmers, heated mobile trolleys and Alto-Shaam cook and hold equipment and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:

Rowland Rutland

Reduce repair costs with planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance schedule

Hot Cupboards & Heated Gantry’s
Check operation of heater controls and heat lamps. Visual check of internal wiring, check general condition of doors, castors etc. carry out earth continuity and insulation resistance

Energy Saving & Maintenance Tips

At least once every two weeks, it is best to clean the machine. Always turn the hot cupboard off and unplug from the mains prior to cleaning. Using a damp cloth, be sure not to use and corrosive solutions, to clean the inside boards and surfaces. Only when the unit has dried out, will it be safe to plug the machine back in and continue to use.

Trouble Shooting

One of the most common faults that affect electric hot cupboard and gantrys involve faulty heating elements or heat lamps.

If your hot cupboard will not get up to temperature or is heating unevenly it is could be a faulty door gasket. A simple way to identify the problem would be to pass your hand around the edge of the door when the oven is turned on. If you can feel heat escaping the door gasket requires replacing.

When your hot cupboard will not heat or heats unevenly, the fault could be with the thermostat or controller.

Another common fault is fuses. If the equipment is receiving power but will not switch on it is most likely to be a fuse fault. Check to see if the fuse has blown or circuit breaker tripped out and test the electrical cord.