Induction Repairs

We repair all commercial induction hobs and we carry parts in van stock for many manufactures including:

Blue Seal
Moorwood Vulcan
Chef King



Induction Hob

Check operation of control panel switches, visual check of internal wiring and connectors, carry out earth continuity and insulation resistance tests.

Energy Saving Tips

It is important to use only ferromagnetic cooking pots as the induction heats the vessel itself, so if it is not magnetic it will not work efficiently.

Induced current can heat any type of metal, but the magnetic properties of a steel vessel concentrate the induced current in a thin layer near the surface, which makes the heating effect stronger. In non-magnetic materials like aluminum, the magnetic field penetrates too far, and the induced current encounters little resistance in the metal. Practical induction cookers are designed for ferromagnetic pots that will stick to a magnet Match the pan size to the hob. Using a 6" pan on an 8" hob will waste over 40% of the heat produced by the hob. Invest in sturdy flat bottomed cookware. The ideal pan has a slightly concave bottom so when it heats up, the metal expands and the bottom flattens out. When boiling water you could use 50% more energy on a cheap, warped-bottom pan compared to a flat-bottom pan. Note that not all stainless steel will work on an induction hob. An easy test would be to hold a magnet to the bottom of the cooking vessel. If it clings solidly to the bottom of the pan it will work efficiently. If it clings weakly or falls off it will not work efficiently. Switch off equipment when it is not needed. By providing good staff training they should know how long a piece of equipment takes to reach a required temperature.

Check thermostats regularly to ensure efficiency.

Trouble Shooting

If only one side of your hob works this is usually a control problem as the induction coils are very reliable.

There are cooling fans required to "cool" the coils as the magnetic process generates heat and the electronic control boards run warm too. Each side can be controlled by a separate PCB, so one side not working is going to be a failure on a PCB.

Try switching off the mains power, waiting 30 seconds and putting the power back on again. This will help to rebalance the electronics id you have had a power surge.

If all the rings are not working it could be a power filter card failure.

A common fault is fuses. If the hob is receiving power but will not switch on it is most likely to be a fuse fault. Check to see if the fuse has blown or circuit breaker tripped out and test the electrical cord.